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Default Proposal to register an auxiliary Alt?

I'd like to request permission to register an "alt", that is a second Minecraft character account that could be live in-game on the server at the same as my main. My primary intended use is as a voyeur, or perhaps more accurately as a cinematographer for uses such as making time-lapse videos for projects under construction.

I discussed the idea with Sorontar and several others in Mumble voice chat today, and a couple folk admitted that they had already done so themselves in the past by using the TOG minecraft account of another family member. It was also discussed that there are clearly inappropriate misuses one could exploit if so inclined. To avoid such abuses I would be willing to accept a considerable number of established restrictions for such a player, such as:
  • Not allowed in PVP zone... (but might be useful for filming constructions in the PVP-free village).
  • Special player status/color such as observers or junior members have... although it would be nice to be able to interact with the environment for safety rather than having observer-only privileges.
  • Not allowed near the property of other players without explicit permission.
  • Have a special Minecraft player name, such as RophersAlt ... since I haven't created a minecraft account for it yet.
  • Must wear fresh underwear at all times (wouldn't want to attract slimes into the area).
  • ... or whatever other restrictions the admins think appropriate.
I welcome discussion on the topic an look forward to your input.

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