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Default Hey, I'm Ranger :)

Hi there! I'm Ranger, an avid young gamer and Fezza's son. I've been playing minecraft since late 2009 (just before minecraft classic went multi-player) and have been addicted ever since! At first it was just small things and a way that I could easily play with friends and meet people, but over time it became more of a creative pursuit and passion. To this end I have created countless fantastical creations that have been popularly received by everyone I show (at least, that's what they tell me :P). So I thought I'd first show you a few pictures of some of my works.

An oriental themed water temple. Not shown: Underground emporium.

A heavenly, atmospheric shrine to the future.

Front view of massive mansion project that never quite got finished for technical reasons.

Side view of massive mansion project.

I understand I can't join the server, but I thought I may as well just chuck this in anyway now I'll leave you with this video of my WIP Adventure map.

Adventure Map WIP Journal of a Broken Adventurer - YouTube[/URL]
(Couldn't get the youtube thingy to work.)
[Sorontar: fixed it for you]

Thanks for reading!,

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