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If we allow one member to have duplicate accounts, then we've created a precedent and would then need to allow all members to have duplicate accounts, and I don't think that is a good thing.

While it is true that a small number of us have access to our kids accounts, which *could* be used. If it is done, it is done so because the account already exists. Not creating an alternative account specifically to act as a duplicate account to use on the same server. I would hope that anyone who has access to a child's account and uses it, would only be for purposes such as filming, and not abused as a way to give the player any advantage.

It is worth noting that using another person's account to give your minecraft character any undue advantage at all, would be against the TOG-wide code of conduct, and not acceptable behaviour on our servers.

My personal feeling is that (as an example) if you have a friend/family member who is actually online playing, and you get them to do something like tp to you so that you can clear your inventory and they take it home for you.... is obviously allowed but not really within the spirit of the Frontier world (as you're taking away some of the element of danger by not travelling with it yourself).... However logging into another account so you can bring that character to you so that you can clear your inventory, would seem to me to be taking advantage of the access to the other account, and would therefore be cheating. If the opportunity is already there and present, and you use it - that's one thing. If you login to another account to be able to do it, I think that's crossing the line.

Where there is an event that needs filming, there are sure to be several people on the server who can film it, so it would seem that the need for it is not especially high. I can't really see the legitimate need for creating an alternative account other than to be able to film, and I don't consider that reason enough to allow duplicate accounts.

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