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Default Dwarven Excavations

Day 14 of constructions of the Great hall, workers broke through a wall of what later appeared to be ancient design.

The entrance hall was beautiful, and showed signs a struggle, but the layers of dirt showed that noone had lived there been many centuries.

Delving further into the ruins we found that the "redstone lamps" that we call them were infact far older than we first understood. it was believed that we were the inventors of these devices, however these inhabitants not only have them, but complicated piston and lever mechanisms.

Of note was the great hall

This room seemed to be the Throne room of the peoples, near the throne we found an ancient book, made of pure obsidian, it detailed the story of the people who caleld themselves

of great concern was the "portal Room" this room consisted of a damage, nah destroyed portal, oddly, and more worrying was the two dwarven cannons fixed facing the portal room

Dwarfs, it was written in an early form of english, making translation easy. elow are more photo's of these amazing works.

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