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If we allow one member to have duplicate accounts, then we've created a precedent and would then need to allow all members to have duplicate accounts, and I don't think that is a good thing. ... While it is true that a small number of us have access to our kids accounts, which *could* be used. If it is done, it is done so because the account already exists.
A good point. I would not like to see twice the server load because everyone has an alt in the game. The "Getting Started" forum post already acknowledges accommodation for special case "Visitor" players who are cast as members of the "Spectator Group":
Visitors ..................... Spectator Group (default)
May be granted access on a case by case basis to visit the server however will have no build / destroy rights. Access will be removed after an appropriate period. Prior Visitor access does not grant entitlement to future visitor access or a reduction to any of the above requirements.
Perhaps this is what I should be requesting access for on a per-project basis. That's potentially more of a pain if done frequently -- both for the requesting player and the admins; but perhaps having such a "pain (submission) and review" process is what's most appropriate here. It's certainly better than an outright refusal based on: "no, you're not allowed to make videos as others can and do now because you don't have a child or spouse that already has another account on the server."

I agree I'm setting a precedent -- that's the whole point. But the precedent I want to be setting here is to have an authorized Alt subsequent to application and review for a specific, restricted, transparent, and well-announced purpose rather than setting a precedent for either:
  • I want an alt to make building/mining/moving/fighting easier, or
  • I'll just use the account of another family member to make my videos... because I can.
Originally Posted by Obsi View Post
Where there is an event that needs filming, there are sure to be several people on the server who can film it, so it would seem that the need for it is not especially high.
On this point I disagree. It took me a week to mine the resources for the Relativitarium, and another week to build it. I dearly wish I had a time-lapse video of both... so much so that I'll likely rebuild it just for that purpose someday -- probably on another server (we've already got one) and certainly not soon.

From a community perspective, I would also have loved to make, or seen made by others, a time lapse video for the construction of the entire Wild West Village. As much as I'd like to have these however, I would not be willing to give up my own construction participation and game-play in order to have my primary character stand in one position and watch the Village being built; and I certainly wouldn't have the guts to ask someone else to give up hours, days, or weeks of their own game time to do so on my, or "our" collective behalf.

There are also production considerations. If I'm making a video, I'd like control over the angle, field of view, lighting perspective, and numerous other details that I simply can't see except staring through the "viewfinder" of the camera.

As an example, consider this cool tent-construction video that was passed around in text chat yesterday...
...and then ask yourself the following two questions:

1) Wouldn't it be neat to have had this for the Wild West village construction?
2) Would I be willing to be the camera man for the multi-week duration of construction if it meant I couldn't play any other aspect of minecraft?


There are many ways to enjoy playing minecraft. I'm not a fan of PVP but I sure enjoy the mining and building aspects. I also have a blast doing mapping, as will soon be made apparent. I'd also like to make videos of what I and we construct -- not simply "have a video made". Perhaps the original question I should have asked here was not permission for creating an alt, but rather the following:
I'd like to request permission for having some means of making time-lapse videos of my constructions, and if permitted and appropriate perhaps some of our community constructions as well, while still being able to participate in those projects. Any suggestions as to how I might go about that?
Thanks for your great feedback!

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