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Perhaps this is what I should be requesting access for on a per-project basis. That's potentially more of a pain if done frequently -- both for the requesting player and the admins; but perhaps having such a "pain (submission) and review" process is what's most appropriate here. It's certainly better than an outright refusal based on: "no, you're not allowed to make videos as others can and do now because you don't have a child or spouse that already has another account on the server."
That is perhaps the best option. To my knowledge we have not ever had anyone as a "visitor" - I think that category was added as a "just in case it's ever applicable" thing. So I don't know if something like this would qualify, but I suppose there is no harm asking. Your other acocount could be added to the whitelist only when you are filming, and removed again when you're done. However yes, this is extra work for the admins.

Also, I don't think anyone has actually yet used a child/spouse's account to make videos. So it's not like lots of other people are doing it and you're left out by not having that ability. All the videos I have seen from our servers (I believe) are done by the person who is actually playing.

There was discussion on if we ever get a large timelapse build happening, we could have people like myself record the timelapse using my daughter's account, so I would be free to build while also recording the entire timelapse. But I don't think anyone has ever done that.

The thing is, if we're going to be doing any time lapse builds or something that happen to be at night when our children are in bed and/or not playing on the server - there are those minecraft accounts that already have access to the servers, just sitting there doing nothing.... so using them to record any video we might want to do in the future - would seem to be a good way of getting some of the footage while we're all free to build. Which is different to creating a duplicate account so you personally can have 2 accounts on the server at the same time to film your own constructions.

I agree I'm setting a precedent -- that's the whole point.
What you're essentially asking though is to allow anyone and everyone to create a duplicate account - risking a huge amount of potential for cheating/playing unfairly, as well as potentially doubling the strain on the server (and filling up server slots with duplicates, potentially blocking access to other players) - just so that you can sometimes film your own creations in timelapse more easily, and contribute to any community timelapse recordings by filming them as you want to, rather than how others may film it.

I'm sorry, but while I agree with you that you having a second account would be a good thing for you, I have to say that I don't think it's in the best interests of the server/community. Because, as I said, if we allow one player to do it, we can't very well say no to everyone else. And for the very same reason you want to make another account, I am sure others would want to as well. Plus there are also players who would be tempted to use their duplicate accounts to gain advantage in play and policing that would be difficult and time consuming.

Think of things like the hunger games, and if we did any time lapse community projects - times when there are a lot of people on the server anyway, and people would be most likely to want to have their duplicate accounts recording videos. There is going to be a lot more lag on the server, lessening other players enjoyment of the server.

You can make time lapse videos of your constructions with your own account - in a fashion, just perhaps not looking the way you want them to. You can get mods that automatically take screenshots for you. You can get a mod that will record on a predefined path you set out (which would surely allow you to record on that same path or in that same spot as many times as you like, so you can maintain the same position for filming). You wouldn't be able to film you building, but you would be able to film the progress of the build.

It's not the greatest thing, but I made a video of the construction of one of my builds, by just taking screenshots and turning that into a video (I wasn't fussed about keeping the same view though, I just wanted to document the building process)

From a community perspective, I would also have loved to make, or seen made by others, a time lapse video for the construction of the entire Wild West Village.
Indeed, as would I - I was thinking about that the other day actually, but by the time I thought it would be good - most of the building was finished.

Had we thought about it in advance however, it would have been possible to have done, without you needing to have made another account.

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