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Very interesting discussion. All kudos to Rhof for bringing it up on here, there's nothing stopping him actually just doing it, putting it up for us all to discuss was a good move and I appreciate that.
While personally I've got no stake in this I sympathise with both parties. I've got no problems filming in first person perspective but can understand the want/need to have a dedicated "cameraman" account. Also though, the headaches for admin keeping tabs on not just the one in question, but whoever else would then apply in future, I get too.
At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, could a secure, shared account be used, with minimal permissions, by the Div. as a whole for larger projects? Things like our (TOG) VOIP servers are secure and could also be used to pass passwords and names a little safer..
I know it's not ideal and that it comes with it's own host of complications I'm not even sure if I'd feel safe enough with an account on like that at all, permissions aside, but I'm just looking for a compromise.
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