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Very early on I posed the question of having a "TOG" account that could be used by multiple people, or even as a way to bring new TOG members to the division by letting them try the game for a week or so. (this was back when the idea of the game left people scratching their heads, wondering what the appeal was and there were less videos and things online to get an idea of the game)

For security though, it would really have to be something that only one person at a time had access to. If we just had the login details available to all members, then I can see lots of problems. Restricting it to one person at a time means we would know exactly who was using the account at any point in time.

I figured that if the admins are the only ones who have access to the e-mail account that created it, they should be able to change the password for the account as needed - so that only one person (othert than admins) has the password to be able to login at any one time - which should stop former people being able to use it again. I don't think you can change the password for the account by just knowing the password - I think you have to confirm it by e-mail. So that should stop people being able to change the password and keep the account. (though abusing/stealing that account would surely mean removal from TOG, so it really wouldn't be worth someone doing that)

But I don't think Thermal (DC at the time) liked the idea at all. Maybe for it's extra risks/effort, perhaps it would also be a breech of Mojang's terms and conditions (by having a shared account)? I don't know.

At the time though we were just starting out, nobody was building anything really worthy of videoing, and we didn't mods and things on the server we do now.... so there wasn't really much need for having it (other than letting people try before they buy). Now though I can see that for filming special events, it could be quite useful. If we use the "spectator" permissions group for the "TOG" account, it shouldn't have too much potential for trouble in game - especially if its use is restricted to TOG use (such as filming).

So that could be a compromise.... Having one shared account that is able to be used for the rare occasion that extra filming is needed. Everyday type personal constructions wouldn't be something I'd see that account being used for though - as it would be a hassle to keep reassigning the password to different people frequently. So it would have to be limited to more community things.

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