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Finished is a rather dubious term for this project. The first publishable version is finished now, and is around 5.6 MB. I expect that size will grow say possibly up to 10 MB if and when more of the undocumented Nether paths and portals are ever added to the map. I also think there is plenty of good opportunity to shrink the size if even a modest time investment is made in optimizing the map to reuse common components (such as stairs) rather than having scores of individual copies... but right now that's not a priority.

So the only real question is how many prior versions we want to have stored and/or accessible at the same time for either the admins and/or newer users. My guess is the answer to that is none for general usage, but perhaps one or two for file update management purposes. I can't really think why anyone would want an out-of-date map represented by an older version unless they were tracking the history of Nether development. I'll keep a copy of all the older versions regardless, and any forum member who downloads copies of the PDF is welcome to do so as well.

So the minimal answer is 10 MB, a safer number is say 30 MB. So call it 0.03 GB. That should fit in someware in the available 0.70 GB remaining. I look forward to your arrangements!

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