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Default One Kickstarter to Rule Them All -- A Review

What makes a great Kickstarter project?
  • A Geeky game? Yep.
  • Spiffy Tech? Sure.
  • Great pitch from a well-known talking head that is infused with humor? Most certainly.
So when Neal Stephenson, author of Snow Crash, and his unruly band of sword-swinging geeks make a well-polished Kickstarter pitch for a modern sword fighting controller and SDK to build the most compelling swashbuckling video games of the future, how can you not at least smile?

I will likely never play one of the game controllers that comes out of this project. I foresee my own chair-bound, key-smashing predeliction as far too familiar and comfy compared with such calorie-intensive gaming "advancements". But certainly our kids likely will someday. And their first arena game will still be playable by us aging Luddite button pushers; so we can still enjoy the show.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of joining a Kickstarter project is to get the periodic updates, follow the development blogs, and live vicariously through the startup's geeky developer hoard. I agree with Leo Laporte that Snow Crash likely has the best first chapter ever written, at least for a Sci-Fi novel. If Stephenson can make formula-1-speed pizza delivery by a sword-wielding maniac driver such an edge-of-your-seat and mind-gripping thrill of a literary joy ride, I'm really looking forward to what he can do with the backstories for high-budget games built by a cast of geeks at his command. It looks like the first novel of a trilogy prepared with this goal in mind is already published.

The two videos alone on the site for this Kickstarter are worth the price of admission. They'll be getting at least $1 out of me; probably more.
CLANG by Subutai Corporation; Kickstarter
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