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AusGamers caught up with Far Cry 3 level director, Mark Thompson..

ē E3 2012: AusGamers Far Cry 3 Developer Interview -

We didnít want to have any negative mechanics, we didnít want to have any dependencies. One of the issues that a lot of people had with Far Cry 2 was obviously the malaria, it was that micro-management and the unpredictability of when that would happen, so that was one of the things we wanted to move away from. We also didnít want to punish people and force them to use the open-world, we wanted to encourage them to explore it if they wanted to improve their own situation. So itís not a need, itís not a prerequisite to enjoy the game, but it will enhance the experience.
The map editor is back, and obviously weíve improved it over the last three years
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