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Default DDO offline atm

We (my husband and I) were online last night on Gallandah when someone made an announcement in General chat that it seems DDO was having an issue. We of course thought ???? what are you going on about the game seems fine to us.

We logged out at the end of the session and then thought "oh well just check that we can get back in". Nada!

Apparently it seems that someone in DDO has forgotten to renew the DDO domain name.

Yup it looks like for us anyway if we now try to go to myddo or just ddo it isn't there anymore, or rather someone else is there. As a result we cannot log into the game, as the DDO login actually queries the Domain as part of the login process. If you are in game and haven't logged out you will not notice any thing wrong, other than that fact the DDO store doesn't work in game. It is only when you log and then go to log back in that you will see the problem

Now the person in general chat did say there is a workaround, but you have to edit your hosts file and then when they get everything working again you will have to edit it back. They suggested to google ddo 16hr temp fix haven't tried it myself, haven't looked into it either but just in case people are interested.

LOTRO appears unaffected.


As an added thought if someone really did forget to renew the domain name I expect some people working at turbine may not have happy bosses.
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