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Default OMG - OMG - OMG - SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

ok, so it's no secret I'm a bit partial to the equine minecraft mods....

Lately I've been playing around with "Simply Horses" (which has brilliant horses, and wagons are coming soon too) and trying to build a stable big enough to collect all the different coloured horses available in the mod...

(the stable isn't big enough, so I can only keep 70 horses, so I can't have the complete set lol)

*ahem* anyway...

So I just checked Mo'Creatures thread, and OMG - he's updating the horses to make them awesome - CHECKITOUT!

New animations, lots of different new horses, you can put horses in bottles to take them into the nether or the end and spiffy looking armour!


(now I have to rebuild my stable to make more room!)

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