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Originally Posted by white_bear_84 View Post
machfive, it would be really useful for the other guys here if you provide a link - definately information worth knowing before making the purchase!
i didn't intend to be so ambiguous...apologies.
the mechs listed in the founders package are here (mouse over the options):
MechWarrior Online | Founders

from this list, depending on whether you choose elite or legendary, you choose one of these mechs, or receive all of them. the company president, Russ Bullock, answers some of the questions in a forum thread here:
Russ Bullock taking questions on Founders now. - MechWarrior Online

if you want to know what some of the variants can or cannot do, you can look up some of them (not all variants will be in the game) by typing the names in the search window here:

finally, there is an analysis of the packages below (which i cannot provide a link for for reasons i will leave to your imagination):

I am investigating this issue because the Legendary Pack doesn't feel particularly worth it and I sought to prove myself right or wrong. Though my numerical assumptions may be wrong, the inputs don't matter as I examine value in terms of percentages.

The difference between Legendary and Elite is a $60 price increase in exchange for an extra month of Premium, three more Founder's 'Mechs, a flashier forum tag, and your name in the credits. As only the first two benefits are fiscally valuable, I want to see just what we're getting for the doubled fee. I'll also throw in the Veteran level—which includes $40 less of in-game currency—to see how it compares.

First, I assume a few things:

1. Premium Service subscriptions will cost $15 per month. (I think $10 per month is more likely, but this estimate is better for the very conservative analysis I'm doing.)
2. All Founder's Package purchasers seek to maximize their cash value and choose the most expensive 'Mech, the Atlas AS7-D.
3. My original cost analysis for currency conversion is correct. I showed that $1.00 will buy 300 MC and Bryan clearly stated that my analysis is pretty much spot-on.

Extending Assumption 3 to 'Mech value, each ton of 'Mech weight costs $0.15 (45 MC). 'Mech values, therefore, are as follows:

Atlas AS7-D (100 tons), $15.00 (4,500 MC)
Catapult CPLT-C1 (65 tons), $9.75 (2,925 MC)
Hunchback HBK-4G (50 tons), MC, $7.50 (2,250 MC)
Jenner JR7-D (35 tons), $5.25 (1,575 MC)
Total 'Mech Value (250 tons), $37.50 (11,250 MC)

The Veteran Pack costs $30 and includes 1 month of Premium ($15) and $40 of in-game currency (12,000 MC). That's a benefit of $55, or 83.3% more than the purchase price.

The Elite Pack costs $60 and includes 2 months of Premium ($30), $80 of in-game currency (24,000 MC), and one Founder's 'Mech (which we assume is a $15 Atlas). That's a $125 benefit, 108.3% more than the purchase price.

Finally, the Legendary Pack costs $120 and includes 3 months of Premium ($45), $80 of in-game currency (24,000 MC), and all four Founder's 'Mechs ($37.50). The benefit comes to $162.50, which is just 35.4% more than the purchase price.

Please note that the above analysis does not include the very real—and very important—benefit of having a permanent 25% bonus to C-Bill production on one or more chassis. The only way I can think of to account for this boost is to multiply the value of each 'Mech chassis by 1.25. Doing so yields the following benefit efficiency ratios:

Veteran Pack: 83.3%
Elite Pack: 114.6%
Legendary Pack: 43.2%

In fact, even if I double the value of Founder's 'Mechs with respect to their standard counterparts, the Legendary Pack is still less efficient a use of money than the Veteran Pack. Therefore, I can only conclude that the Legendary Pack, while still very worthwhile (especially if you get tons of use out of the C-Bill boosts), is the least efficient allocation of funds. If budgeting $120 for this game, I would personally recommend buying the Elite Pack and spending the other $60 on four months of Premium Service subscription time.

To PGI: Though I doubt it matters or is changeable, and I'm sure you discussed this to death internally, I would have recommended upping the ante for the Legendary Pack to four months of Premium ($60) and $160 of in-game currency (48,000 MC). That yields a 114.6% ROI, making it the most valuable offer I feel it should be. Alternatively, you could have kept the benefits as they are now and dropped the price to $75, which would yield a 116.7% ROI. As it stands, Legendary is not the most enticing offer (in my opinion).

All that said, I’m definitely getting an Elite Pack and may well just buy the Legendary Pack anyway. You know, because ‘Mechs? Yeah. That.

TL;DR: The Elite Founder's Package has the most bang for the buck.
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