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Default Timelapse build - testing tonight 8:30pm (AEST)

OK, so I'd like to get people on the test server tonight to go through some building designs for the build.

Details -

There is a warp to the location we've been building at - "sorontar.grass". But you can also just head straight out from where you spawn - go in the direction of the large treehouse and you'll see a glowstone pillar that marks the area. Feel free to experiment building on the floating islands we've been playing with (though the real ones will be different and bigger), spread out as much as you need, but please keep things in that general area.

Other relevant links:

I suggested we get together for this on the other post, but since nobody commented on it, I thought I'd make it more obvious.

Any time before or after this time would be ok too - just come in and help out creating some victorian/industrial/steampunk type buildings (shops, factories, houses, libraries and other civic buildings etc.)

Please have Glimmar's steampunk texture pack, so we're all building to the same look.

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