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Default Lydia/Minecraftchick is a Swede again

I know some of you like to be kept up on the Mojang gossip

Well, Lydia Winters aka Minecraftchick, Mojang's Director of Fun (as in events and PR), hails from the US. Earlier this year, she moved to Sweden, rented a flat, visited Ikea for furniture a couple of times, and worked at Mojang. Unfortunately, her temporary work visa ran out so she had to return to the US while she applied for a new visa. Then she was hit by a rejection at her first attempt.

The happy new news is that she has just been told that her second attempt was successful. She is now flying from Paris [1] to Stockholm with her boyfriend, Vu Bui [2], who has helped Mojang with videoing and photography and stuff. It just happens to also be his birthday today.

No wonder she calls it a happy day (


[1] She is in Europe to finish off arrangements for the next Minecon.

[2] I believe he looked after her Swedish apartment while she spent months in the US.

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