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Ironside and I had a two player mission going this morning. I put a couple of hours into the editor, wrote a mission in cherno, tanks, choppers, empty vehicles, 20 or 30 playable positions many as members of squads led by AI, some solo. The Russians is comin'.

I'll check, but from memory it was 13 infantry squads (some mechanised) two apaches, two tank platoons and a few anti air assets vs 14 enemy AI infantry squads (some mech) four hinds and three T72 platoons. There was probably more infantry. Blufor starts at the west end of cherno, the russian infantry and AA start back near prigorodky, their armor in elektro and their air in Berezino. before you get to the front lines, there's already tanks and choppers burning out near the long barns east of cherno.

Plenty of sniper slots, rifleman slots, machinegunner slots open. There's an empty stinger missile launcher you can mount to take on the Hinds. A bunch of empty apaches you can fly. A few bradleys. Some of the tanks in the tank platoons are playable too. In short, it's nuts. Asked Iron to jump in to test that I had the setup right and that it could be joined and played online, a few teething issues and we got it sorted. Keen to give it another go with a few more players, I'll bring it up in TS. Video coming of our test run once it's converted, edited and uploaded.

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