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This is the mission editor view of the mission. As you can see, blufor starts in the western end of cherno, some AI blufor and opfor start out in western cherno with the bulk of the russian forces out near prigorodky. You spawn in and for the next 20/30 minutes, it's on like ping pong. Nb some of the playable units are not in squads, but none of the squad leader slots are playable. This was intentional. If you join a squad, your squad leader will give you orders. But you don't have to follow them. The AI rocks, by the way. It's a pretty evenly matched battle for just AI, with players it may be too easy (or we might not be as good as the AI, who knows?)

Also added extra ammo and specialist weapons in front of the firestation in cherno and to the western side of the building where the military tents are in cherno and a stack where infantry spawns in first. I took out one of blufor's choppers as they were too effective, killing way too many russians before they make it to cherno. I also went ahead and added an extra 3 Hinds for the russians. There's also a few more playable Bradleys sitting around. Very keen to play this with a bunch of toggers. Three of us had a go last night, good times had by all. (except not being able to respawn.)

There's a few tools you can get to edit other people's PBO files, and the pbo's themselves can be attached to emails and sent to people who can put them in their mp missions folder to host them.

Note, to enable respawning in missions you created, add a new text file to your MPmission folder. type

respawn = "SIDE";
respawnDelay = 5;
respawnDialog = false;

and save the file.
rename the file description.txt
change the file designation from .txt to .ext.

launch arma II CO, go into multiplayer
at the bottom of the server browser, select new, and choose the mission you want to host. (make sure you're hosting on the net, the default is lan)

also advise using a short password you can give out to others on TS, and a simple host name for the filter.

If you're joining a mate's mission, remember to remove mission name dayz from you mission filter.

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