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Default How to get 50 followers in the Recruitment center

if you get to 20, you get the second level of rewards
And if you get to 50 followers, you get the third level.

If you don't know the rewards yet, go look them up. But it's station cash, ingame items and boosters, and in the end tickets to SOE live event this fall.

Also, if the people you invite already have the application, you will not get anything from them. So you have to invite people who aren't using it. So other ps2 toggers isn't useful.

So here's how you do it.

But first, if your spam of pictures and vids annoy your friends, just be sure to go into your profile and set them to private after you have posted them.

Now start by making a post like this

"Greetings my friends. I have a request for you all.

I am waiting for this great game, planetside 2 which is going to be released later this year. And they have made an app on facebook, that if I can recruit 50 people that doesn't have it yet, I will get ingame bonuses and store rewards.

You will only have to do a few clicks and type in a name, and you are done. Best part is, it's not a game, and it will not spam you at all after this.

You accept the invitation, click join any of the 3 empires, and type in a character name, and completes it. That's all you have to do.

Make a post below, if you would like to help me"
Now do this above once a week, and you should hit 50 in a few weeks.

If that doesn't work, here's the hardcore way to do it.

Get your own website, make a catch all mail adress.
Now open facebook in your favourite browser and log in
Open a new facebook in another browser
If your mail client is in browser form, be sure to open that one in the same browser as the new facebook
Now create a facebook person, type in a first name, lastname, make the email firstname+lastname @ yourwebsite
and enter bogus info for the rest

Then go to your mail client, and click on the confirm email. It should open a new window in your off browser, (this is so you don't set your main facebook account to that email from now on)
now search for your main facebook name, and apply for friendship.
Accept friendship, and enter the recruitment center. recruit friend.
Go to friend facebook, accept and enter the necessary information.

Now close your new browser and mail.

Repeat once every second day to avoid being locked out by
You can do up to 3 in a day, but the third one will require a phonenumber to confirm.. and it will stay that way for at least a week.

Now if you have more ip adresses, like at work, do it every second they there as well...

Well that's my guide, hope you found it useful.
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