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Default Asura's Wrath!

I believe this game deserves more recognition. I had way too much fun playing it, just mindless fun lol.

The game isn't too demanding, it consists mostly of Quick Time Events (somewhat heavy rain style) with ground brawler and air/running shooter. There are no collectibles to worry about, just story and action.

The story is pretty amazing, Demigods and Demons duking it out. I'd probably relate it to Berserk if you've read or watched that. The music is great! and really compliments the visuals, and enforces emotions the main character probably has trouble displaying lol. The world seems to be based on Chinese style mythos, and told in an Anime style, but don't let that fool you.

I recommend you go out and try this game. I can't imagine playing this in english, however I grew up in Indonesia, with things being in another language. I hope you have nearly as much fun as I did!
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