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You're functionally correct here but there's some stuff that should be clarified as to avoid any confusion.

I'll break it down for you, below.

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
How i would like to organize a full unit

So we have heard that a squad is 30 people

29 people + 1 leader
This is functionally correct, but with some nitpicky terminology corrections.

A squad can be up to 10 players. Up to 3 squads can form a platoon, for a total of 30 players per platoon.

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
but that's a full squad. We can easily have smaller squads for special purposes

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
Main Squad = main infantry force. Run in, die and capture the point

Recon Squad = a tiny squad, ranging in size depending on how many we are in total and what our objectives are. Scouting out new targets, locating enemy movements.

Transport Squad = a squad that specializes in transporting and supporting. I can see them flying a galaxy and staying near it to keep the spawn point up. Perhaps even include some anti aa and anti vehicle support from long range.

Sniper Squad = Deploys around a target area, and takes out targets, and spots targets during an assault.

Airforce Squad = Supports the main squad with air cover

Armored Squad = Supports the main squad with heavy armor and assault vehicles.
This is similar in concept to the idea I posted in the other thread...multiple groups doing specific things and making sure their role is played out.

In Planetside 2, generally your snipers will also be your recon / spotters since the infiltrator class uses stealth and also encompasses sniping, unlike in PS1 where infiltrators didn't have enough slots to carry a bolt rifle.

Overall, your concept looks like a good one though, of course, a plan is always a great one until the metal starts meeting the meat, then things go to hell in a handbasket

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
War Leaders : A few appointed by the outfit to assume the full war picture and leadership
Squad Leaders : Anyone appointed by the outfit to fulfill the leadership role
Unofficial leaders : in case we don't have any leaders online, anyone willing to step up
Soldiers : Anyone else

A war leader, is the one currently directing all the squads online. If a warleader comes online, and is alone, he assumes full leadership of warfare, until releasing it or going offline. Another war leader can ask for war leader time, to earn experience in the roles, in case another already has full leadership. But it is always up to the active war leader.

I can see a war leader typically being either in the main squad if we are low on soldiers, or being in the transport squad, or sniper squad for better overview.

A Squad Leader, is one assuming full control of a squad, directing them in their task, reporting back to the war leader, and taking orders. If no war leader is online, any squad leader can step up and assume the role as temporary war leader. When a war leader comes online, he should identify himself to the squad leader, and either ask for taking over, or ask if he wants to get more experience in the war leader role.

An unofficial leader, is basically anyone willing to step up into the squad leader shoes, should they be absent or not enough online.
This all sounds great...delegation of authority and leadership. Good stuff.

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
As to which squads people should be in, would be fluid.

The war leader should look at the amount of people available, then contact the squad leaders as to which squads he want up and running. These squad leaders usually know which people are perfect for their squads, but should also be willing to test out new people as well.

Say we have 100 people online. The war leader wants 2 main squads with 30 people each, and those 2 leaders start inviting people.
He then wants a 5 man recon squad, and that leader starts looking for 4 more for his squad. If he normaly works with up to 10 people, he has to look at what is online, and if people have contacted him about trying out for the role.

So far he has allocated 65 people out of 100.

He might then want a 10 man airforce, a 10 man armored, 5 man sniper and a 5 man transport.

This has allocated all 100... if more comes online, they contact the war leader who knows which squads needs reinforcing. He can also create more squads should it be needed. Let's say he wants to have a seperate assault at 2 places, and want's to split up the airforce squad into 2, so they can support their own main squad.

If VOIP ingame has a squadwide channel, we only need other things such as teamspeak to have intel channels where all the squad leaders can talk without bothering everyone else.

The reason behind this fluid setup is, that we are not elite small squads that have the same rolls at all times. Also this setup, allows more people to have fun, and try out new things. Even leaders have the chance to relax and take on normal roles, and let others try out their skills.
I like the idea here again but the concept is fundamentally flawed. This could work eventually but in the beginning most players will be specializing because of the lack of certification points...for example, right out of the gate I will be putting all of my cert points toward sniping and air combat...I'll do nobody any good with heavy armor or MAX suits.

There's also the issue that, unlike PS1, PS2 uses a resource system to enable the spawning of vehicles and the like. If the faction doesn't have any resources available at a particular location, the classes will be fairly limited so this will seriously limit the flexibility

Also, yes the game does feature squad-wide VoIP at this time. That MAY change before release but I know it is something they really want so unless they're having massive problems with it, it will be there at launch.

Originally Posted by Duckforceone View Post
anyways, this was just the basic idea on how i would love to build a setup such as hours. And of course it can be defined alot more. More squads and the likes.

And also as we talked in another post, make youtube videos on squad tactics so members have an easy way to understand what's going on and what to do without needing to practice all the time as elite squads would do.


And how would you do it? videos of squad tactics would be awesome for new players and members.
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