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Post Things I would include in Minecraft 1.4

Coming up to the 1.3 release, it made me think about some items i would include in the following update.

Verticle slabs - Used for crafting thinner walls and better defined statues

Half wool slabs and wool stairs - The colors of wool are great but we are still limited to using full blocks.

A soccer ball - Imagine the fun of running around, having a kick with your Minecraft friends.

Spear - a melee weapon which can also be thrown. My 6 year old suggested this one.

Catapult pistons - to throw a block into the air or push it along the ground, and have 4 different settings for the distance.

Switching rail - to easily change between tracks. Really can't believe this isn't a current feature.

Large signs - which can be read from further away, rather than standing a few feet away from them.

Horses - for transport, better scenarios, tinned meat

I'm sure there are mods which cover many of these, but would love to see them included ' out of the box'

What would you like to see added ?

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