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I think that would be great.

You can download their map (Yog-Olympics |), but I think we'd need to make our own world so we can have more than one person competing at once. Some of the redstone wizards can do the fancy circuitry. So some events would have to be modified to allow for more players.

As for spots, yogscast did:
rodeo (pig racing)
kayak (boat racing through rapids)
sumo (stand on a beam and push the other player off)
obstacle course
minecart racing (buttons change track to give advantages)
swimming (which was an underwater lever race)
"Dodgit" - (piston game where you have to avoid the pistons pushing you off)

we could do all those, and we could add some more - like minigolf The obstacle course could be made more difficult by adding pistons so that there is an element of timing involved for some parts.

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