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With the mini-golf that we set up on ice, you coud easily modify this concept to be soccer or ice-hockey or any team ball sport etc.

So, we build a soccer field completely on ice.
With an empty inventory, and preferably players with 2 team skins to assist identification of team mates(tricky to get this happening).

Using any item as a ball, e.g. a snowball.

The player who has the ball in their inventory is not allowed to carry the ball (i.e. not allowed to move once he/she has possession, I guess more like netball in concept), he must throw the ball to a teammate, who again must stop when he has the ball, and you keep passing the ball via teammates until close enough to throw it through the goals. Opponents try to get close to intercept the pass.

Long jump/Triple jump:

Create a deep pit one block wide.
All competitors jump over it. Noone will miss this. Except maybe Bazz.
Then we widen the pit to 2 blocks. Anyone falling in the pit is eliminated.
Then 3 wide, better get your extra running speed happening, as well as timing the jump.

If 3-wide is the longest anyone can conceivably jump (I don't know the limit), then you keep making everyone attempt it until all but one is left. Set a hard limit of the number of attempts, at which point there are joint winners if more than one is still in the competition.

You could also have a triple jump, three consecutive pits.

[edit: A further thought is using some pressure plate mastery to light up the distance jumped. Also raise the side you jump from.]


On top of a basic all in kayak race you can have a time trial, and we make gates to go through, missing a gate incurs a 10 second penalty. I think they also have red or blue gates, and depending what colour you go forward through or go around and come back through. Needs someone timing it, and official/s declaring a missed gate/count of gates missed.. Could actually work as an all-in race, pretty funny to watch people trying to get thru one gate. Needs people to not cheat and miss gates.

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