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Hi Guys,

Perhaps create some Fixed Squad Rosters sorta like we do in our past / present Battlefield Divisions. Although in TOG we're not so regimental by being more accommodating to differing play styles and time commitments to this hobby / past time. We can set-up squads or mini-squads of TOGers according to timezone or regional real world locations. Since in most cases they'll form a tighter knit group in achieving hopefully success in game play. (if not create a jovial atmosphere)

In another community of gamers which I belonged to that is now mostly defunct (ie TGW) they ran multiple campaigns of BF 2142. (we had numerous custom maps) We had a hierarchy from the general down to the squad leader and the alternate assisting squad leader. Within each squad numbering anywhere from 6 members up 15. We each ran practice strategy sessions together each according to our preferred game play style. So as to be prepared on the campaign day, which included voice comm protocols.

TOG, may not be so rigid in game play character however a similar sort of structure will surely prove useful to us in PS2.
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