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I've found the following simple system for running in game:

* Squad - a group of up to 10 players
* Platoon - a group of up to 30 players
* Squad Leader - the person CURRENTLY in charge of a squad (this person can be of any rank within the organisation if ranks are used at all)
* Platoon Leader - the same as a squad leader but in charge of the platoon at the present time.
* Elmos - Red Target
* Barnies - Purple Targets

Step 1: Log into TS
Step 2: Log into Planetside
Step 3: Ask in Outfit chat for a Platoon invite
Step 4A: Accept Platoon invite, join right channel in TS do what you're told
Step 4B: If no platoon invite, then either start one up or go indie for awhile.

TS should be setup ideally like this:

-Platoon 1
--Squad 1
--Squad 2
--Squad 3
-Platoon 2
--Squad 1
--Squad 2
--Squad 3

TS needs to be setup so that all members can set their channel commander lights/flags to on.

All members need to setup at least 2 push to talk buttons and 1 button to toggle channel commander on/off. The first PTT button is talk to channel. The second PTT button is talk to all channel commanders.

Anyone leading a squad or platoon (Anyone can be a squad leader and everybody needs to be encouraged to give leading a squad or platoon a go) should have their channel commander toggles on (other members of the squad DO NOT need their channel commander on - but we're not stopping you either.)

When the Platoon Leader needs to issue orders (or Overall command when running more than 1 Platoon) they uses their 2nd PTT button which will allow them to speak to anyone else with a channel commander toggle on. Those without their channel commander lights on don't hear anything. Once the leader of the squad has their targets they can rely this information to the rest of the squad through their 1st PTT button.

What the above allows is the following:

1. ANYONE can lead a squad, a platoon or even the entire outfit at any point in time with a minimum of fuss.

2. Operations just like the war itself NEVER STOPS unless only a handful of people are online.

3. If somebody needs to AFK, gets a honey do or whatever they can easily ask somebody else to take over, it's only a matter of hitting your command toggle.

4. Communications within a squad can occur without the channel descending into anarchy. This isn't Battlefield you are going to have a lot more people spread out over a lot more territory. Communications are key, you need to be able to say stuff like, Max on the top floor or incoming Elmos without 30+ other people who are in their own battle on a different floor, in the courtyard or attacking a nearby point getting confused. you aren't goign to have anymore than 10 people talking over each other.

5. It allows for a chain of command to be easily established. Platoon Leader can assign each squad to a different target and then leave it up to the Squad Leaders to achieve their targets. Meanwhile the troops go about smearing Elmo and Barnies all over the place.

6. People are free to come and go as their please, while in the Platoon you do as asked but while not in a platoon you are free to do whatever you like.

The above allows you to easily organize a large force. I've lead forces of 60+ players this way in Planetside before. You can even switch people between squads if they want particular roles in a certain squad. for example you want to hit the Muloc base, you stick your air support focused players into Squad 3 and leave them to handle air superiority over the target and to provide a Galaxy dropship. You load up squad 1 of your infantry types into the galaxy and get your Armour guys in squad 2 to go pull out the Vannies. you tell Squad 1 you want them to drop on the northside and press in toward the control node, you task squad 2 to bypass the base and intercept any reinforments coming up from the other side and you tell Squad 3 to provide 2 escorts for the Galaxy and have the rest cover the base before moving to support the armour once the infantry has inserted.

Inside each squad you can have all the combat chatter you need. Squad 1's leader is getting his guys to move up with people calling out targets, relaying information back to each other and otherwise engaged with wiping Elmo and Barnies ass around the base. Squad 2 is doing something similar in the rolling hills and along the road outside the base and Squad 3 is calling air targets and requesting backup or help from each other as they dogfight in the air above. And all this occurs without steppign on each other and while still allowing things like say if Squad 2 is being hit hard and needs to pull back for the squad leader of squad 2 to inform the platoon leader via their PTT command button whats going on so that the Platoon leader can either alter the orders or tell another squad to go help them out. This also works across multiple Platoons.

To further aid in communication, and assuming that the same system from Planetside is in Planetside 2 you should see your platoon as colours and numbers on the map. Each squad is a different colour. This allows you to identify each other easily and quickly spot each other on the mini-map and continent map by using your number and colour. "Red 5 need backup there are 4 reavers on me" quickly allows everyone in the squad to look at the minimap, see a Red 5 flashing to their NW and head off to bring some pain to the enemy.
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