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I would expect at launch we will field somewhere in the 100 members area. 3-6 months after full launch i would easily say that number would double if not more.

This game is going to be huge for several reasons already pointed out. Free to play...but not pay to win. big advantage. TOG already has a vested interest in PS and I imagine that a lot of the core players from back in the day will return to check this game out.

Last and certainly not least TOG always represents itself well in all games. In PS1 we attracted the attention of several other outfits..gaming groups etc. I would expect this to happen and happen quite quickly in PS2. What numbers we may lack, we will fill with friends of TOG in game.

So I guess what I'm predicting is that PS2 will probably be one of TOG's largest divisions...very quickly after the game goes to full release.

Lots of fun fo sho!!

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