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Default Pending Update: Build

Affected Addons:

* dayz_code
* dayz_server (server)
* HiveEXT.dll (server)

Target date:

* Wednesday 25 July 2012 (GMT)

Current Changelog (WIP):

* [NEW] Respawn button is disabled during DayZ play
* [NEW] Optimized authentication process on login
* [NEW] Singleplayer mode disabled when DayZ is loaded
* [NEW] DayZ Logo and Version Number appear in game when DayZ is loaded
* [NEW] Hive now tracks login/logout (to assist in analysis for an ALT+F4 solution)
* [FIXED] Infected cannot hear weapon firing (now they actually hear again)
* [FIXED] Clothing no longer spawning (now it spawns as it used too)
* [FIXED] Tents and items with ID's above 1 million don't syncronize (now it should syncronize, players to confirm)
* [NEW] Respawn button is enabled if the player has a fracture
* [FIXED] Players switched to non-player skins (by hackers) sync to database (updates no longer saved for objects non-authorized skins)
* [NEW] Players spawning in debug area or "water world" will spawn on beach on next login (with their gear)
* [NEW] Client will automatically spawn player out of debug and waterworld to last known position
* [NEW] Radar removed from helicopter (UH1H will be added back to vehicle spawns)

This is not a final list.

Only confirmed items are placed on here, and the page is updated each time. Some things are expected to be in the update, but are not in the list yet, because they have not been finished and confirmed in the update.
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