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Default Dayz General hospital/Food Bank

So I want to try a social experiment but I need your guys helping doing it. I want to create a location that is publicly known as a safe haven. We will provide anyone food/soda and medical attention. I have a feeling bandits will try to attack often and as such I'll need Guards.

This is what I need

1. Suggestions for a server we try this on

2. 2-3 Tents to store food/soda and medical supplies

3. 3x barbwire and 3x tank traps to plug up and holes in the outpost.

4. Willing Guards and medical staff who I can trust and can follow orders.

5. vehicle is optional but would help with obtaining supplies and picking people up if needed. I would like to find a bus so we can get as much people as possible. I'm kinda tired of getting on a bus and then they blow it up..

I think this would be a great project for the community, I know a lot of you like gathering supplies, and the other half wants PVP which defending the position will provide a lot of.
I'm gathering supplies now and will get this started hopefully tonight, if not tomorrow.
I will be posting the server name and position on Dayz general forums to get as much public notice as possible.

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