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re singleplayer: this future patch will only disable singleplayer if you have dayz mod loaded. if you start arma2/oa/etc as a standard, un-modified shortcut - singleplayer still works

re: respawn. this one is tough cause i defintely surf spawn heaps every time I die (which is a lot QQ) so it will definitely affect me heaps. Still, if something has no effect then it isn't really a change is it ?

Also, has anyone gotten the feeling that there has been a ninja server patch yesterday?

1. there's less chopper crash sites. i think it has gone down from 3-4 per server to 1-2
2. zombies now appear to have variable health levels - sometimes zeds die as they did before but sometimes they take more 3-4 m1911 hits. I have had zeds survive 1-2 hits from AKM last night O.O and it wasn't lag - these were MY zeds that I spawned - and tested this on 3 different servers!

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