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Default Ravaged (Beta Access)

The game is called Ravaged, a post-apocalyptic vehicular first-person shooter. Think Mad Max meets Battlefield where a group of resistance soldiers fight for humanity while scavengers look to control it all.

The game features over 30 vehicles and weapons, amazing post-apocalyptic maps and 10 classes to choose from.

Why is this different from other first person shooters?

Focus on Fun
  • Vehicles are fun to drive
  • Crazy melee combat
  • Fast-paced mayhem
  • Cool characters
  • Great new game modes
Skill is Needed
  • Vehicles and weapons require skill to use, noobs beware!
Teamwork is Essential
  • Tactics required! If you go it alone, your team won’t win. Many levels feature Capture the Resources game modes which requires teamwork and planning.
Amazing Levels
  • Level have great depth, amazing places to climb and hide
  • What if scenarios: snowed in cities, dried-up oceans and more
  • Battles range in players from 16 (8v to 64 (32v32)
I have a spare key for the beta for a fellow toger, pm if interested. You can also get a key from Trevor68 on whirpool forums.

Beta key is activated on Steam.

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