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Folks, even taking into consideration that this game is in an open "alpha" phase and as such, the developers are expecting feedback from users regarding glitches and possible hacks, I would HIGHLY recommend that you avoid using hacked/duped weapons irrespective of who made them and irrespective of whether the game developers are "ok" with it or not.

TOG still has an AUP and a CoC that we expect all members to abide by regardless of the game they play. Let me quote 2 sections of the CoC;

Cheating undermines the very foundation of the TOG spirit. Those found to have cheated, assisted or encouraged others in cheating have no place in TOG.
We expect that the actions and communications of our members will promote TOG in a positive manner and will not bring TOG into disrepute.
I understand that part of an alpha phase is to report known glitches, but this does not include nor require you to continue to use or partake in these glitches.

If you are aware that the weapon is duped/hacked, I recommend you don't use it.

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