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Default TOGlympics building site is open

The TOGlympics world has been set up as a temporary replacement to Sanctuary ( The spawn has been relocated to the outside of an Olympic village and a border of 1000 blocks from that location has been set.

We now need people to build event sites so that next weekend we can gather for the chaos that is the TOGlympics. A red wool ring road has been marked in the plains near the village. Please use that as guidance when you pick a location for an event. Each event should be positioned near or have a path from the outside of the red ring road. The inside of the road can be used for the more symbolic structures. Further paths will lead off the ring road.

There are no rules about how to build things but be prepared that other players might want to contribute. Tell others what sport you are adding by adding it to the board near spawn. Try and cater for a number of people competing at once, e.g. archery targets for 5 or more people. Also allow for spectators and referees. See for suggested sports.

And the TOGlympic village can modified to make it look more like the theme. I recommend that any extensions use the land between the ocean and existing village, so that the inland areas can be used for events.

Have fun building so that others may run/fire/punt/jump/...


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