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Default Suvivor Cuisine Review

As you may know i have been sampling the fine canned goods available to survivors in supermarkets everywhere and i thought i would do a review of some of the various meals available.

Let's start with the old favourite, Baked Beans. My preference has always been Heinz Baked Beans in Ham Sauce. The beans are firm but not hard or dry and the sauce is quite tasty. You may notice small flecks of pork in the sauce if you look hard enough. I find these beans go very well with some cheese melted in the beans at the end of the heating process but a pat of butter gives a very tasty effect to the sauce if you don't have cheese. Like all baked beans some bread or toast helps this canned product become a meal. Also these beans can be consumed cold, good in summer i guess but now is the time for hot food.

Watties makes an excellent product in the baked beans field, Beans and Sausages (franks and beans). the sauce is plain and can be made more interesting with some cheese and the franks are a tasty addition to the beans that makes the meal all the more satisfying.

Next on the menu is Spam, if you are flashing and starting to lose health this can be consumed otherwise, steer clear. The meat is very jellid and soft, not much texture, there is jelly in the can as you might expect but also as much congealed, white fat as well. I only ate this prduct cold straight from the can on toast with cheese and tomato sauce, it seemed ok the first time i ate it but the next day when i ate the remainder of the can on toast again it left an after taste. It might be better if fried but i am honestly not willing to bother trying.

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