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Default TOGlympics - how shall we run it?

Okay, the construction of the TOGlympics event sites has been going really well so now I would like some suggestions on how to run the "competition" next weekend.

I am thinking of running two "official" sessions as a Divisional get-together - one on Saturday night and the other on Sunday afternoon. This is to try and make sure there is less chance of people missing out completely. However, what we do on those two days has two main issues - time and teams.

Length/Time of events

Some events can be run quickly, like rowing or swimming races. They allow multiple contestants at once. Other events are more drawn out because they have multiple stages (e.g. mini golf) or can only have a small amount of contestants (e.g. fencing, high diving). The marathon is by its nature a lengthy race.

So my concern is how much can we fit in if we only want to fill in a couple of hours. Three hours would be the absolute maximum I think I could ask you to stay on the server for. Two hours is the preferred length.

As a result, we won't be able to fit all the events in each night, so I suspect we will need to split them between nights.

Playing as Teams

We like competing as individuals. As individuals we can make silly names for the countries we represent (thanks to Obsi for that idea) and may be make a row of flags for them. However, some events are team events (e.g. fowl hockey, any relays). Other events can be run as team events using a points system (e.g. archery, fishing). So the question is how do we account for team sports when working out the "victor" of the games?

One day for individuals, one for teams?

My first idea is to run one day for individuals and only correspond to the key individual events. The Marathon can be the final one.

The other day can be for the team sports, starting with the team-only sports then working on the other ones until time is up. The teams can be decided on the day for those who turn up. Depending on numbers, we could have 2, 3 or 4 teams, each marked in non-combat environments by different coloured armour.

Your thoughts?

Any way, they are my initial thoughts. What are your suggestions? If you like mine, which would you want first, the individual day or the team day?


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