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Don't know why I hadn't thought of this before. It sure would solve a lot of problems... Consider this, if you're legitimately testing the changes to code that allow duping, you have no reason to dupe things like rare weapons or items. For the sake of testing the integrity of the software, duping something as simple and innocuous as an empty tin or a pack of chem sticks will permit you to test the exact same mechanic but without the possibility of someone accusing you of using an exploit to your personal advantage. Problem solved.

Test openly, responsibly and ethically. Actively and promptly report everything you do that isn't within the intended game mechanics on the Day Z bug subforums, or don't even try to call what you're doing testing. If you do discover a bug, I'll always be interested in helping you try to replicate and document it, I like figuring those kinds of things out. We shouldn't have to be afraid of helping the game devs squish bugs, just be totally up front about what you're doing and bare in mind the law has been laid down for TOG members re the AUP and CoC, so think outside the box and test in a way that leave your actions beyond question.

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