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I think we're wasting our breath here, guys.

I've been gaming for a long a very long time...and this is the most visceral and tense game I have played in many a year...perhaps ever.

I have the feeling that if you're not taken in by this game straight away that its not really the sort of game that grows on you over time. While I do think that the game is incredibly enhanced by teaming up with other TOG members if you're not looking for this type of experience then no matter how much they patch it up you're not going to buy into it. It's a shame because it's the most amazing gaming experience I think you can have. No scripted shooter is going to be able to match the incredible range of experiences you can have in DayZ.

I took a few weeks playing the role of lone survivor before I hooked up with the other TOG members. It was a lonely, terrifying and frustrating experience and I loved it.

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