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this is the most visceral and tense game I have played in many a year...perhaps ever.

Obviously not everyone is going to like it, but I agree, it is the most visceral game I've played. For example, another player got the jump on me last night outside the market in Berezino. He unloaded 10+ shots without a single hit, but my heart did its very best to leap out of my chest (the effect of sudden violence shots bouncing around after hours of sneaky silence is massive). I managed to return fire with my AKS Kobra and hit him a couple of times forcing him to retreat. Even better, he drew all the aggro. I was relatively in the open, so I made my get away as well. While a stalemate, the encounter was truly intense, really fun. Much more than anything I encountered while playing 100+ hours of BF3 as an example.

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I took a few weeks playing the role of lone survivor before I hooked up with the other TOG members. It was a lonely, terrifying and frustrating experience and I loved it.
This is what I am doing right now. It good fun while I have limited map knowledge and every town is new.
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