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Veilo makes a good point, don't forget steps 5 and 6.

Seriously though having goals in this game can help, I myself have a few personal goals or boxes to check off if you like. Once you get past the basics the challenge of the game comes from what you make it. For example, my first goals where quite small and achievable in the scheme of things, but they also helped bigtime in the long-run. One of my first was to find a hatchet and matches. Once I found those I was able to leave the relatively populated areas and start becoming self-sufficient by hunting and cooking my own food, replacing blood aswell. My next goal was a map and canteen, becoming truely reliant on the woods and world to stay alive, not needing to venture into towns. Once you start ticking those boxes you can move up the list, right now I'm after a tent and a decent spot to set up. After that I'll try for NVGs and/or a vehicle.

Alot of what this game is what you yourself make of it, and that's part of the attraction to me. In saying that we can't exactly tell you how to play or how to enjoy it, just why we do. But I find having small goals can push you past those rage inducing moments and make you think more along the lines of "ohh I'll just check that barn, then the deerstand then log. After I hit that town and check the farmhouse along the way for jerrycans. Friendlies in Stary? Yeh I could swing by...." etc.

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