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I also think the point is that there are no elves, dwarves and dragons. Or lightsabers and capital ships for that matter. I've ODed on fantasy and sci-fi MMOs over the past decade and they always missed something for me. I played Everquest when it first came out and it was amazing. A persistent virtual world. It was a real innovation at the time (apologies Ultima Online fans) and it changed the way I played games. I made that big step from only having played single player games into a bigger world.

I've been looking for that same buzz I think for the past 12 years and haven't really found it until DayZ rocked up. I think I was looking at the wrong menu. I was reading the warm and fuzzy paint by numbers menu when what I actually wanted was the heartpounding, teeth clenching panic menu. I think a lot of the challenge has been taken out of gaming. I think I'm guilty too of running with the wrong crowd and just going through the motions with games. I've enjoyed a lot of games with great narratives and fantastic graphics but they always missed on the emotional investment part.

I wasn't even really into PVP that much because I generally got spanked doing it. In MMOs someone was always fully speced up in the right PVP gear, chose the best PVP class and min/maxed so that if you so much as batted an eyelid at them you were dead already. They were also generally arena modes so you didn't really feel like the battle mattered. I didn't play much FPS run and gun PVP but I generally found it to be the same feeling of pointlessness. Fun for the ADHD crew.

DayZ PVP feels like I can play on my own terms and I can choose the manner of the engagement. I can go toe to toe or I can go stealth and it brings a whole lot more depth to the experience. The permanent world and the permadeath gives it meaning. The adrenaline is pumping once more. I can hear it in everyone's voice in TS when they yell "Survivor!". The fact that a noob with an axe can kill a fully kitted out vet is a thing of beauty. I'm still pretty ordinary at PVP but at least now I feel a real drive to work at getting better at it.

I don't think the importance of this mod can be overstated. I feel like I've been shaken out of a haze and finally seen the light. "Of course! This is what I've wanted all along." I think many are feeling the same way. For a mod to have such a huge impact in such a short period of time is no small thing. Just like with Everquest before, DayZ has become a bit of a turning point for me in my gaming.

Rocket said he wanted to get an emotional response from players.

Well played sir. Well played.

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