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I left DDO last November. I was terribly disappointed with how they handled the Update with Artificers. There are still bugs they introduced in that update. They were game breaking for me.

My wife still plays, mainly to chat with the friends we made on it. I still pop in once and a while to chat, but only to chat. I read that they have quests closed down, because of bugs they introduced when trying to balance quests that seem to have not needed balance.

The game certainly favors spellcasters, and with the race of Warforged, the casters are tanks. They've slowly have been tipping the scales, but melee and ranged players still do not come close to what a caster can do with utility, damage, tanking, and healing. My idea of a wizard or sorcerer is that of a glass cannon, but they are not glass. They pull a top end amount of HP and defense to make them demigods.

I have a Favored Soul, a Sorcerer, a Wizard, a Monk/Fighter, a Bard/Fighter. I love customization, but when someone can make a Sorcerer and be able to tank some of the hardest bosses with a bit more ease and utility than that of a Fighter or Paladin that specializes in the tanking Enhancements, it just makes me not want to even make characters of those classes. I've seen how they've changed AC now, but it's still a far cry from a caster's ability.

The idea of the Epic Destinies and adding WoW style skill trees into the mix is good, but I feel there should've been so much more before they did that. Like, they have promised at least 3 Prestige classes for each class, how many still have just 1? All Prestiges are supposed to have 3 tiers at the very least too, how many of them just have 1 or 2? Instead they want to raise the level cap, release broken quests/raids, fix them over the course of 6 months until they become playable to the point that everyone wants to at least try them. Right now the new raids aren't dropping treasures on epic difficulties. However, they'd rather just release a patch that introduces a new pet instead of fixing the real problems.

People have been dying for the iconic core class of Druid, and it finally comes out AFTER Artificer. It fails terribly. It cannot do anything it's supposed to do correctly without being level 20+. It's terrible. I loved playing a Druid in other games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Neverwinter Nights series, even pen and paper games like 3.5 and Pathfinder.

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