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I am available to run the Archery, Skeet Shooting, High Dive and Hunt/Fish/Gather on either Saturday Afternoon or Sunday Night. The 4 events would only take around 45 mins total, less depending on turnout.

If we are short of time we can just do the Archery and Hunt/Fish/Gather within around 20-25 mins then move on to sports hosted by other players.

>> Archery <<

5 Targets, shoot an arrow at each from left to right.

Do that 4 times (20 arrows total) for a maximum score of 100 points.

Arrows are scored by the colored block directly below the arrow.

Red 5 points, Yellow 3 points, White 1 point.

There are Medium and Advanced Difficulty platforms for the event, so if there is a smallish turnout will run a seperate event from each.

>> Hunt / Fish / Gather <<

Shoot 6 chickens with a bow, catch 6 fish, then make 6 bowls of mushroom soup (mushrooms under the trees behind archery). First 3 players back to the starting point with 6 fish, 6 raw chicken, 6 soup are Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Plenty of bows/ arrows / rods / bowls provided.

>> High Dive <<

Survive diving into 3 pools of water surrounded by Lava from 2 heights.

Medium platform 2 points, High platform 3 points.

Highest score wins from the 6 dives.

>> Skeet Shooting <<

2 Chances to hit each of 5 skeets from the Medium and Advanced platforms (20 arrows).

Highest total wins (you only get 1 score per skeet even if you hit it twice).

Maybe 2pm Saturday Afternoon (GMT +10)

RIP : TOG Slimers BF2 Squad

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