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The problem with all of these will be how many people turn up and how many can go at once. For the archery, we will need a referee to call the shots and then collect the arrows. Could we have four people firing at once?

High dive can have people jumping from multiple levels which is good. Successes might have to be announced (misses will probably be obvious with the death messages).

I was thinking Sat night as Aussies tend to do things during the day on Saturdays, and Sun afternoon as that I imagine is more convenient to non-Aussies. However, if people have other times prefered I will consider them. I would like to sort this out by tomorrow so I can finalise announcements etc.

TNT trampoline

I haven't finished this yet, but the idea is each competitor could possibly have two or three shots. The idea is to try and land on a platform as high as possible. It is like high diving in reverse.

Fowl Hockey

This is a team sport, we could limit to 5-10 minutes per match or sudden death. There is one chicken on the field. Players throw snowballs at it to try and force them into their goal. Once a goal is scored, the lights turn on and the chicken is assassinated by a dispenser full of arrows (which then turns the light off).

I am debating whether to add the pig-riding basketball as another team sport.


This was started by miniObsi with a little help from Obsi but I doubt it will be finished. The idea is the same as for the minio-golf near spawn on Frontier. Players can stand or jump up and drop a snowball onto the course. Their next shot is from where-ever they pick the ball up. The hole is completed when the snowball lands in the hole.


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