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G'day Y0kenB. It's good bit of kit. Myself, and a couple of the other DCS regulars have got one. I thoroughly recommend it to any one who's serious about flight sims.
Good sturdy alloy construction and the finest resolution sensors on a game controller on the market today.

A word of caution though: A good portion of the flight controllers on the market today have a rudder or yaw axis in a twist style of the grip. The TM Warthog does NOT have this feature. It's a facsimile of the actual A-10C HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick). yaw inputs on that aircraft and most others is done through peddles.
So f you are looking to invest in this sweet piece of tech, factor in spending at least an extra AU$250 for decent flight peddles. These combat peddles from Saitek are de rigueur at the moment.

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