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Set Video Memory to "Default".

This will utilize the entire vid card memory. Very High only goes up to 512Mb.

Other settings with "High" and above, will utilise the Video card memory. Below this setting, the processing is transferred to the CPU rather than utilizing the video card.

Hence why you will see an increase in performance at times when you change from lower settings to the higher settings. Just play around with them to see which ones make the most difference.

Arma 2 is very taxing on any system. This game runs just fine at 15-20 FPS and above. My games runs at around 30 FPS with most settings at "Very High" + 3000m viewing distance. The viewing distance can have a huge impact on FPS, so play around with that also. You probably don't need to have it set to more than 1500m. But I did read somewhere that the viewing distance function is actually disabled in the DayZ mod to put everyone on an even playing field. Don't know how true this is though.

When recording with FRAPS (which I do all the time), my frame rate drops to 20 FPS, and I experience no issues with input lag what so ever or game performance. The game runs just fine.

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