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Default TOG down :)

Hi guys, my name is Dale, i recently was playing DayZ on nz 02, and heard a moto to my right, turned to see Grunji or someone and his mate on the back, i was the bandit who killed both of u Just thought id let u know.

List of items i received from your body before hiding it so u cant get any back because im a **** :
AS50 with 2 mags.
M4 CCO SD with 3-4mags
Ghillie suit for my mate, who was in the treeline typing to me whilst alt tabbed because he couldnt talk :/
Alot of mags for various guns.
MK 40 with holo scope thing.
Lots of utilities.

Here is a video of me shit talking, although i think i might get in shit for this, i only made this account to say this thread

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