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Originally Posted by deoxiDE View Post
He didn't decide, the truck was glitched, the back two wheels on both sides are glitched into the ground and are un repairable, they arnt flat or anything, we have tried putting new wheels on, its just not able to move, so :/
lol nub. that's what all badly damaged tires are like. Want to know how to how to fix them? Ask on the TOG TS.

Anyway, I meant the guy who was trying to fix the truck and DCed when the guy we had in the area to the north of your ambush who moved in about 8 to 10 minutes afterwards and opened up on him from the north east. The guy who came in to kill you, but you'd already run away with the motorbike. The guy who then found the tent with the AS50. Lucky for whoever the scrub was he took the shot at, the TOG guy who turned up didn't have FRAPs running, we usually note down time and server info if we get video of someone DCing like that, since it's bannable.

TOG members don't DC from combat. See above.
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