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Since no-one else has indicated any time preferences, we'll go with
Saturday 2pm (Aussie EST, GMT +10) and Sunday 8pm. I'll decide later today what sports to try to do when, but we'll try to do some of Henri's and end with the cross-country marathon on Saturday. Depending on attendance and timing, we might do a team sport then. Sunday will then be as many of the remainder as we can do and perhaps some repeats for those who were left out.

Sunday can be shifted to 2pm or 4pm if it is more convenient for people.

We do plan to keep a score of how people go in each sport, so we can hopefully have a victor.

Please make sure that all your chests are stocked for any events you make. Also, make sure that instructions on how to run your events are either at the event or posted in this forum. After all, this world will be released to the world after this weekend.


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