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I think you are talking about me. I was the ghillie that came to the area (from another direction) to see if I could avenge the deaths of Veillo and Grunj and maybe guard their bodies (didn't know you had already hidden them at the time).


I was shooting at someone trying to repair the glitched truck (I did wonder why you kept jumping in an out again) but that person ran and then disappeared (we though maybe DC'ed). I was moving around to another position when the server restarted. When it was back I spawned back in, kept moving around to the north of you and then started shooting again.

This part's kinda embarrassing ... but yeah I am still pretty green at sniping in this game (and PvP for that matter) so after announcing my position loudly with almost a full clip and no kill to show for it, you guys started lobbing grenades? Whatever, there were explosions so I shifted position again and then saw one of you run right past me up the hill I was trying to keep track of you but you lost me with the higher ground.

Then a few min later, just as I was about to bug out ... CRACK ... wounded ... CRACK ... dead

Nice work flanking me by the way, I was definitely keeping an eye out for it but still failed to see you

Anyway, I hope for your sake you did get to my body because it was ridiculously loaded up (1 week alive, every tool and gadget in the game, my beloved CCO SD and all the STANAG SD I could carry).

So yeah, sooo didn't DC because right now I am somewhere on the east coast line with nothing so far but a hatchet and double-barrel to keep me company.
Nah that wasn't you, we shot at the ghillie BEFORE the bike turned up, we werent fired at, my mate shot first. The ghillie was tagged and DC'd, we know he dc'd because we were both following him with dmrs, he just vanished. Also we didn't have any nades, so it wasn't us u were shooting as, no shots were near us at the time :/

On another note.
The reason i did that stupid shit talk, was because of the previous experience i had with TOG. So if ur going to get mad at me for shit talking, talk to ur css players too.
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