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Originally Posted by deoxiDE View Post
On another note.
The reason i did that stupid shit talk, was because of the previous experience i had with TOG. So if ur going to get mad at me for shit talking, talk to ur css players too.
It is certainly very disappointing you had a bad experience with TOG previously. Did you report the said players to TOG at the time? I can assure you that such behaviour would not have been tolerated, as unfortunately it is a direct reflection upon the rest of the 50,000 registered members in TOG.

Having said that, I implore you to consider that these members you came into contact with in DayZ most probably were not involved in the incident you mentioned from previous years, and hence do not deserve to be tainted by the same brush of disrespect as was shown to you in the past.

We are an extremely large community, and we try our best to uphold the TOG ethos of respect and fair play amongst our members. Unfortunately, like every clan out there, you will get the odd "bad apple". I can assure you that if you do ever come across another "bad apple", then I encourage you to report it to the relevant Division Captain, Moderator, or Admin. Your report will be investigated and actioned if necessary. We take our reputation very seriously.

I can only hope that you can move on from that incident years ago, and wipe the slate clean with regards to future interactions with TOG and it's members.

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